Cretê de chocolat

Hand-tied bouquet


From the collection based on Vatel, in this floral recipe Master florist Miguel Angel Delgado continues the ongoing concept of transforming culinary recipes into floral designs. 'Macaroons' is a bouquet of flowers based on an initial structure that enables you to create the floral work with pink, mauve and metallic tones. It is a floral piece with a lot of technical difficulty. You will see a baroque bouquet of flowers that connects perfectly with all its elements. The detailed floral selection has been realized taking the shape, the colour and the texture of each flower or material into account. Manipulation of the paper permits you to unite the floral concept with the creation shown. In the video tutorial you will learn how to create a bouquet from beginning to end. The more than 30 photographs, a video showing the technique used to create the base and the 360° image help you with any questions. Follow the master florist's advice!


Level of difficulty:
Execution time:
 Between 2 - 4 hours
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Step-by-step index card:
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360° image:
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