What is FLOOS, the crafter’s secret?

FLOOS is the first 100% online library of professional floral recipes, where the most influential master florists in the world explain how to create technically advanced floral compositions, step-by- step, with videos and photos.

How many recipes are there?

There are currently more than 800 floral recipes available online. In addition, we add a new collection of recipes each month, so that you can update and practise your skills with the latest trends in floral design.

What do the recipes include?

Every recipe includes:

  • An explanatory text of the concept and technique used
  • A preliminary sketch of the recipe
  • Step-by- step instructions for following the recipe
  • A list of flowers
  • A list of materials
  • Chromatic analysis, with the palette of colours used
  • A technical video with detailed explanations
  • A 360º image of the final result
  • Advice y secrets from the master florist who created that recipe

Who presents the recipes?

The floral recipes are presented exclusively at FLOOS by the master florists who created them.

Which master florists will I find at FLOOS?

At FLOOS you will find professional master florists who are prominent because of their long career in the floral art sector, their worldwide recognition and their instructive and innovative nature. Among the masters at FLOOS there are top-tier international designers, trendsetters and award-winners.

How often are new recipes published?

We add new recipes to our online library monthly. Those recipes come from the same master florist and are grouped under the same theme and published as a collection.

What can I use FLOOS for?

FLOOS, the crafter’s secret is a tool for motivation, inspiration and work for professionals and floral design enthusiasts. What you use it for, however, varies according to your profile and needs:

If you are a student, you can improve your knowledge and perfect your technique, practising with the most reputable professionals in the world.

If you are an experienced professional, you can discover new trends and bring yourself up-to- date with the trend-setting ideas in the market, which you can then apply or reinterpret and offer to your clients.

If you are a fan of floral design, you can unleash your passion and discover the secrets of the professionals, while developing your passion even further.

If you are a school or association, you can use it as a practical tool in classes or workshops and to explain or debate specific floral techniques. You can also use the recipes with your members or as homework for your students, so they can try out at home the concepts learnt in class.

How can I access the recipes at FLOOS?

You can discover them in two different ways:

1) Buying a particular recipe, to have it available permanently in your online account.

2) Subscribing to the website using one of the following methods of payment: annual or monthly. With both methods you will have access to all the floral recipes and FLOOS content during the subscription period.

Do I need an internet connection?

Yes. FLOOS.org is 100% online. You can use it on different devices, like computers or tablets, but an internet connection is always necessary.

If I subscribe, can I access everything?

Yes. Your subscription to FLOOS.org (annual or monthly) guarantees you access to all the floral recipes and FLOOS content during the subscription period.

Which is better: buying a single recipe or a subscription?

It all depends of how you want to use FLOOS. If you are not a professional florist and only want to learn how to recreate a particular floral recipe, we recommend you only buy a single recipe. But if you are curious to get to know different techniques and discover new secrets every month, we recommend you subscribe. If that is your case, the annual subscription is the most economical.

How do I renew my subscription?

Your subscription to FLOOS will renew automatically. For a monthly subscription, via the monthly payment. For an annual subscription, via the annual payment. In both cases it will fall due on the subscription renewal date.

How can I cancel the renewal of my subscription?

To cancel the automatic renewal, all you have to do is send an email to us at hola@floos.org, indicating that you want to cancel your subscription. And remember that you must do it a minimum of 15 days before the automatic renewal date.

Can I try FLOOS before I subscribe?

From time to time, we offer a FLOOS 48-hour free trial. Free trials are limited to one per user.

What is the difference between ‘creating an account’ and ‘subscribing’?

Creating an account at www.floos.org is totally free and means you receive news and updates from FLOOS. As well as that, your account will be ready for when you want to buy a recipe or a subscription. Remember that you can create an account with FLOOS without subscribing.

Do I have to create an account to buy a recipe or subscribe?

Yes, it’s very easy. To create an account, you only need an email address and password, which you will use to access your account going forward. You can also create an account at the same time as buying a subscription.

Are there special offers for floral design schools, academies or associations?

Yes. At FLOOS we have a special programme, for schools, academies, magazines and associations, with exclusive offers and benefits: from free workshops to discounts on both subscriptions and FLOOS books. Here is more information about our programme for schools and academies. And here is more information about our programme for magazines and associations.

What is the series of books called ’The Crafter’s Secret’?

The series of books, ‘The Crafter’s Secret’ is an annual collection which brings together the best recipes from www.floos.org each season. Here you can find more information.

I can’t access my account. What should I do?

First, click on the button “SIGN IN” on the homepage. Next, enter the email address associated with your FLOOS account and your password. IT IS IMPORTANT that you remember to use capital letters and lowercase correctly.

I can’t remember my password. What should I do?

First, click on the button “SIGN IN” on the homepage. There you will find the option “Did you forget your password? Click here” Enter the email address associated with your FLOOS account. We will send you an email with instructions on how to create a new password.

I am a subscriber, but I can’t access my recipes. What should I do?

If you bought your recipes one at a time …
Check that you have entered your account details correctly and that you are also connected to the internet. To use FLOOS you always need an internet connection. If you have checked both those things and you are still having problems accessing your recipes, send us an email at hola@floos.org. 

If you are a subscriber…
Remember that, unless you have bought recipes one at a time, you can only access your recipes during the subscription period.

To check that your subscription is active, connect to the internet and “SIGN IN”. Go to “My profile” and click on the section “Subscription”. There you will find the subscription details, including the start and end date of your subscription.

If your subscription is active and you are still having problems accessing your recipes, send us an email at hola@floos.org. If your subscription is inactive, renew your subscription to be able to access your recipes again.

I can’t see the video.

Most of the time, not being able to see a video is linked to problems with an internet connection. Please check you are connected to the internet, and in the case of Wi-Fi or if you are using a mobile device (mobile phone or tablet), that the strength of the connection is sufficiently good.

I can’t access the videos of the recipes via the QR codes in the books.

Please, check that you are connected to the internet, and the QR Reader or BIDI application on your device is working properly by trying other codes.