by Britta Ohlrogge

The starting point for defining these 8 pieces from Britta Ohlrogge is finding inspiration in everyday objects.
In an increasingly digitalized world, we forget the little details that life offers up each day. Objects like spoons or matches and materials like paper and plaster can have another identity.
As spring advances, the colour scheme intensifies for each one of the “Recipes”. Spring, which begins with snow and ice, steadily grows letting us glimpse opaque colours, until a critical point is reached and there is a major festival of colour.
Britta Ohlrogge´s goal with these pieces is to find beauty in the simplest of things, unite contrast and harmony, find new relationships and connections between materials and create perfect stages for the principal actresses: the flowers


Each recipe includes:

  • Step-by-step instructions with videos and photos
  • 360º images of the recipes
  • List of materials used
  • Expert tips, ideas and advice

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