Roobos Florist supplier for flowers, plants and accessories

At Roobos we believe that floral artists should have the time for their passion and their clients. Therefore, we are dedicated to making ordering products as easy as possible.

Our mission is to give our customers the best flowers and plants that they can find anywhere in the most easy and quickest way possible. All our flowers and plants come directly from growers in The Netherlands and are purchased on the day of transport. That way we never sell out of a stock and we are proud to be one are of the few export companies in The Netherlands that can work without a cooling cell.

We offer more than 15.000 products on our web shop of which the flowers can be bought in full crates but also in smaller packages. That way we can be of service to any florist’s needs.
Also, our buyers are continuously looking for rare and exclusive products, to give florists an edge over supermarkets or other competitors in the floral market.

Every order you make will be delivered to your store as fast as possible with the upmost dedication to the highest quality of customer satisfaction.

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