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Frédéric started studying landscape gardening and horticulture before branching out into floristry. Four years of study lead to a bachelor’s degree and the insight that he was attracted to floral design and the noble art of floristry. After the necessary training and successfully passing the exams, everything changed very quickly for this talented young man.

His record of achievements is pretty impressive, considering the strong competition in France and his young age: in 2003, he received the title of Best Apprentice France (MAF), three years after that, he was second in the French Championship and in 2007, he received the silver in the French Young Talent Interflora Championship. In 2011, the quality of his work and exceptional craftsmanship was recognized when he earned the prestigious title Best Craftsman in France (MOF).

Characterised as technician, his work is often very architectural with a mastery of textures. Frédéric is a professional international teacher and gives demonstrations and workshops in France and abroad. He is a passionate teacher and continues to pass on that passion, as well as his knowledge.

He is also a trendsetting florist for many national and international magazines and is often asked to design large stages for shows and special floral events, such as the “Floralies”.

Besides floral design, his heart belongs to botany and landscaping. In 2015, Frédéric represented France at the World Cup in Berlin. In 2015, his first book, ‘Constructed Bouquets’, was published.

Since 2017 he is one of the 'Master Florist' that is part of the FLOOS project.


My philosophy is always characterized by the concern for detail, form and creativity, among others, The flower is always the most privileged in a design. The choice of texture and colour is also very important to me, as I consider that the two are intimately connected; one does not come without the other. My inspiration feeds on everything around me: nature, architecture, movies, painting, haute couture and many others.


2003 Best Apprentice France (MAF)
2006 Silver in the French Championship
2007 Silver in the French Young Interflora Championship
2011 Best Craftsman in France (MOF)
2014 Won the qualifiers, World Cup in France
2015 Finalist at the Interflora World Cup in Berlin
2017 Creativity Award at Flower Moment in Korea

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