by Col·lectiu Paral·lel

In this new collection of floral recipes we want to present of a collective of florists from a part of Barcelona called Paral•lel. They are an artistic group with links to the world of florals vegetal and nature. The group is currently formed of 6 florists and other collaborators for different artistic disciplines. All of them trained at l'Escola Catalana d'Art Floral and individually have their own job.
Their recipes principally stand out for their radical edge and their reasoning. It is a floral object which stems from the idea of representing… To sum up, it’s a shape that’s totally different from the norm to a florist. Their artistic viewpoints are distinct because of the creation of the project and their experience for realising and perfecting the design.
Don’t miss the way they work, speak, reason and think. The whole ensemble will contribute to your personal and professional knowledge


Each recipe includes:

  • Step-by-step instructions with videos and photos
  • 360º images of the recipes
  • List of materials used
  • Expert tips, ideas and advice

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