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FLOOS is an international digital book of floral recipes.  It is a web platform where you see how every floral compositions is created step by step. There are also tutorials where international floral designers demonstrate how to realise these compositions. Each floral recipe has more than 40 images, a technical video, sketches, sources of inspiration, a composition date sheet and help texts for each step. A collection of different floral recipes (8) are published every month. It is the new project created and led by Carles J. Fontanillas.

FLOOS, a crafter’s secret aspires to be a tool for motivation, inspiration and work for professionals and lovers of floral design. It seeks to professionalise our sector to the maximum, putting at your fingertips the different tools available.

FLOOS is a useful online platform for teaching in schools of Floral Art and associations. It is both a learning and teaching platform for the florist, teachers and enthusiasts of floral design.

If you buy a book, a collection, an album or a floral recipe, you will always be able to see it and consult using your user profile. This option is more expensive than a subscription.

The most economical option is a subscription. There are various types (biennial, annual or six-monthly) and you can choose the one that suits you. If you do not renew your subscription, you will no longer be able to see the floral recipes.

Once you subscribe, you will be able to see the last collection published till you decided not subscribed again. Subscription

The digital book is the total of twelve collections, each one published monthly. It is coloured grey on the website. A collection consists of two or four albums (depending on if it is by an international florist or Carles J. Fontanillas), published monthly and referring to the time of year in which it is published.

Each collection includes between eight and sixteen floral recipes. It is yellow on the website.

An album contains four floral recipes (centred on a theme, material or technique). They are identified by the colour blue.

A floral recipe is a step-by-step guide, together with photographs, a video tutorial, helpful hints, a list of the materials needed, technical information...all so that you can realise a particular floral design. They are pink.

A Demo recipe is free, being an example floral recipe showing how to structure and create a floral design within a floral recipe. All the floral recipes follow the same work scheme.

The collections are monthly. Carles J. Fontanillas will alternate a collection of his own with one from a reputed and well-known international floral designer. In 2016 there will be a new proposition.

Throughout the year there will be presented six collections of different compositions (the four seasons, one for brides and one for Christmas), always with an eye to what time of the year it is. A collection by an international florist on its very own theme will also be presented in between collections presented by Carles J. Fontanillas himself. FLOOS collections never focus on the set holidays, but are based on showing techniques and materials applied to the world of florists.

To be able to classify the compositions by difficulty, the time they take or the cost of materials, we have created icons that help you to filter or identify the characteristics of each floral recipe.

All you need are an email address and a password and you can sign up to FLOOS, a crafter’s secret. You can also sign up when you make you your first purchase, or better still by clicking here... Subscription

Yes, you do. Your email address will be your user name for accessing the floral recipes you have bought or your subscription. Use the icon My Profile where you will find your details and those of your orders.

No, we will be on the move and continually keeping ourselves up-to-date. FLOOS, a crafter’s secret is a project in 3 stages. You can only see the first at the moment. There will be monthly updates to improve the workings of the interactive digital book.

FLOOS use a youtube channel to help users to understand the different pages of the website. Videos