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What is FLOOS?

What is FLOOS?

What is FLOOS, a crafter’s secret?

FLOOS is an interactive digital book of floral recipes. It is a web platform showing how to create each floral composition step by step. There are also tutorials where different international floral designers show how to realise these compositions. Each floral recipe is made up of more than 40 photos, a technical video, sketches, a technical index card of the composition and help texts at each step. Some floral recipes also contain a revolving 3D image for looking at the composition in 360 degrees. FLOOS publishes a collection of 8 different floral recipes monthly. It is the new project created and directed by Carles J. Fontanillas.

What is the purpose of FLOOS?

FLOOS, a crafter’s secret aspires to be a tool for motivation, inspiration and work for professionals and lovers of floral design. It seeks to professionalise our sector to the maximum, putting at your fingertips the different tools available. FLOOS is a useful online platform for teaching in schools of Floral Art and associations. It is both a learning and teaching platform for the florist, teachers and enthusiasts of floral design.

FLOOS, for schools of Floral Art

Collaborating schools or Partners have available different packs in the public platform of FLOOS as part of their curricular programme. However, they can also use the private part of the platform where only the school manage it. In the private platform the school will be able to create its own floral recipes, albums and collections and use them for teaching.

FLOOS, for the media, magazines, TV...

FLOOS supplies different packs for working and collaborating monthly in each medium of communication. FLOOS can be added value to magazine subscriptions or television channels in the floral design sector. It is another way of spreading the message and educating individuals and professionals in our sector.

Does the FLOOS project finish here?

No, we will be on the move and continually keeping ourselves up-to-date. FLOOS, a crafter’s secret is a project in 3 stages. You can only see the first at the moment. There will be monthly updates to improve the workings of the interactive digital book.

Who makes up FLOOS?

Master florists

FLOOS is changing every month. The group of master florists participating in this project grows each at monthly publication.

In the first year, 2015, a group of 7 internationally well-known florists have created different published collections. Each month one of the florists publishes 8 floral recipes. To create a good foundation in the first year, Carles J. Fontanillas has published 16.

So at the end of 2015 there are more than 150 composition (floral recipes).

Brigitte Heinrichs, Àlex Segura, Bea Beroy, Natalia Zhizhko, Daniel Santamaria, Joseph Massie… are those who have made up part of this new project during 2015.

In 2016 more master florists from different countries and cultures will be added bringing their floral point of view and so building a great library of very diverse floral recipes that will complement the floral studies of the users.

This project has only just begun and we want you to follow us and bring your opinions and improvements too.

Users and subscribers

Thank to you this project is coming together and growing very quickly. Currently there are users from 50 countries. With your support and opinion we will go on forming a community where we will all do our bit to professionalise our floral sector.

The beginnings of FLOOS

FLOOS, the new project

The new project from Carles J. Fontanillas called ‘FLOOS, a Crafter’s Secret’ begins in the month of January 2015, after 5 months of testing.

It has seen the light after a year of planning.

The project came from different ideas and seeing that in our industry that there was space for this digital book. Some floral recipes that have great craft work and value the work of the florist. We want to be a source of inspiration for the professional and a way to improve the techniques of the florist‘s arrangement.

FLOOS isn’t a floral news magazine nor a school of floral art, it is a digital book of floral recipes. And as our users have indicated, FLOOS is the homework after the training course.

FLOOS is a new way of teaching and learning directed at professionals and fans of floral design, as you will see and practise the different techniques for floral arrangement. The teaching method of the floral designers that participate in it is up close, enjoyable and participative. The specialties of FLOOS are: the floral theory, the practice, new materials, new flowers and new techniques for the design of floral compositions.

The diverse cultures and traditions of each country, nature and the vegetation are the principal sources of inspiration when it comes to working and evolving the design into shapes and lines within the compositions.


Carles J. Fontanillas

Carles was born into flowers. In 1925 his family opened the first florist’s in SantCeloni (Barcelona). He is the third generation of florists in his family continuing the story of “Can Fontanillas”. He began his journey in floral design at 17 when he trained at the Catalan schools of Floral Art.

Since then he has trained at seminars with internationally renowned teachers, He himself has also taught at workshops, seminars and demonstrations in Greece, Rumania, France, England, Holland, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Uruguay, the United States, Spain and Catalonia.


Carles J. Fontanillas has been awarded prizes at various competitions, among them:

  • 2001 Winner Junior Espanya d’Art Floral
  • 2003 Runner-up Copa Interflora d’Espanya
  • 2005 Winner Catalunya d’Art Floral


  • Founder of Florist Pandora’s Box
  • Florist to Floral Fundamentals
  • Founder of FLOOS, a crafter's secret