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Flowers, plants and accessories

DGI de Gooijer International


At DGI, quality has been paramount for three decades. We supply top quality cut flowers, houseplants and garden plants. But we provide even more. Because when it comes to service and account management, we gladly walk that extra mile.



G-fresh is an organization co-founded by leading Dutch cut flower growers giving florists access to a direct supply of 100% guaranteed fresh flowers, grown in an environmentally friendly way and directly from the grower’s greenhouse, through their regional G-fresh dealer.

OASIS® floral products


Smithers-Oasis is dedicated to promote the art and science of floriculture through the development of innovative products.
Our mission is to make the floral foam and OASIS® products the preferred option and purchased by florists and floral designers worldwide.


Anco Pure Vanda


Anco pure Vanda (previously ANCO Orchidee) is producer of Vanda, established in the Westland. The passion for Vanda started decades ago; on a business trip in Thailand Steef van Adrichem of Anco pure Vanda met Tamlong Suphachadiwong of Suphachadiwong Orchids, the breeder of Vanda orchids.
In this way he was introduced to a unique plant which was not yet grown on a commercial basis. With a lot of patience and perseverance the breeder succeeded years later in breeding new varieties which could be sold commercially.
The cooperation with Suphachadiwong Orchids in Thailand is still very close. They do not only breed, but also take care of the full multiplication and cultivation of all plants in Thailand. Due to this flowers and plants of the highest quality level can be cultivated.

Crown Jewels Gloriosa


The growing of Gloriosa is very much a family affair for this company and even the children are involved.  Wim is completed dedicated to these glorious flowers and constantly trials new varieties and then watches with baited breath as they begin to develop.

When a new colour develops, I could stand and gaze at it for ages” says Wim “they are just so beautiful”.

Montana Lisianthus


Montana Lisianthus is specialized in growing super Lisianthus!

Montana Lisianthus has specialised in growing this exceptional cut flower for over 25 years: Lisianthus, in those days still called Eustoma. The nursery, which produces all-year round, is located on the edge of Poeldijk, in the heart of ‘greenhouse city’– the Westland. Corine and Frank van Holst truly have growers blood running through their veins, both were born and raised in nurseries and have an agricultural education. Growing is their passion.
They move with the times – in the 21st century it takes a lot to produce a spectacularly beautiful bunch of Lisianthus. In a world of abundant supply, your product must offer something special to please the customers. Corine and Frank are always aware of this, and work hard, with great success, to offer Lisianthus of exceptional quality, all year round.

Media, comunication and magazines



Clip ... Flores y más. The magazine of the florist. Bimonthly publication dedicated to floral art. If you are not subscribed at the magazine and you want to get a free copy, please call 96 339 15 04 (only Spain). 

DCM, Digital Clip Media


Digital Clip Media Portal, where the digital format of the magazine Art Floral "Clip ... flowers and more" with video and photo libraries is published, plus an interesting flip file with the digital magazine.



Fleur Creatif is the world leading floral design magazine, published in four different languages with a readership all over the world! 

Find out our subscription rates and the widest range of floral design books on our secured website www.fleurcreatif.com

If you are a subscriber to FLOOS we offer you a 10% discount on the purchase of a book to

Floral Fundamentals


Floral Fundamentals brings florists, growers and suppliers into direct contact sharing ideas, new products and access with a database and digital magazine.

Following intensive discussions, a group of like-minded professionals from different aspects of the industry agreed that the floral industry needed help to communicate and to break down barriers. The advent of supermarket pricing policy has caused major issues not only for florists but for growers too. What was needed was a radical approach and a platform where growers and suppliers could have direct communication with florists and where florists could ask direct questions and learn more. Floral Fundamentals aims to share practical information about flowers, plants and new sundry products used in the floral industry. Florists will be able to connect directly with growers and suppliers by subscribing to the digital magazine due to go into production in February 2015. Floral Fundamentals aims to show practical, commercial ideas that will give florists a design edge over supermarket products. In turn, growers can ask for feedback about their flowers and plants. Florists will then be able to ensure that they use professional growers supplying excellent flowers. In certain cases, growers will ensure that these products will not be available via supermarkets or chain stores.

FLORIST 'Swiss Florist Association Magazine'


FLORIST is a Swiss floristry magazine, published 16 times per year by the Swiss Florist Association. It provides valuable information on floral trends, events, courses and workshops, jobs, training and seasonal inspiration. The Swiss Florist Association has represented the interests of florists for almost 100 years. Since 1920, the association has focused its efforts on the prospering of the Swiss flower business. It establishes the needs of floral businesses and supports them in their everyday business.


Blomster is the trade magazine for florists in Denmark and Norway.
The magazine has subscribers all over the world although it is written in Danish/Norwegian.

Features on national and international floristry, trends, marketing and shop transformation are among the many themes in the magazine.

Blomster has been published since 1917 and the oldest florist magazine in the world.

Florists' Review


Established in 1897, Florists’ Review has been serving the floral industry for 120 years. FR’s parent company, WildFlower Media Inc., is a business-to-business media company that is deeply entrenched in the professional floral industry. In today’s multimedia world, WildFlower Media Inc. continues to provide high-quality content targeted for the professional floral industry.

WildFlower Media’s portfolio of products centers on its flagship publication, Florists’ Review, the U.S. floral industry’s only independent monthly magazine for the retail/wholesale/supplier traditional. The company’s other floral trade publication, Super Floral magazine, serves the mass-market/supermarket floral industry.

WildFlower Media’s other important connections to the floral marketplace include its websites (floristsreview.com and superfloral.com); supplemental publications on specific, focused topics; floral design videos; e-newsletters; online industry reference guide (Sourcebook.floristsreview.com); social media relationships; and a host of marketing services through its subsidiary, Design Solutions.

WildFlower Media is the industry leader in creating “how-to” floral design books, which, along with the other selected books WildFlower Media offers in its Bookstore (shop.floristsreview.com), provide florists and flower enthusiasts with scores of titles from which to choose.

Others partners



Foundation that aims at training and dissemination of floral art and design of gardens.

BARCELONA, world flower cup


The Barcelona World Flower Cup is aimed at students and professionals of our sector and is awarded in order to recognize excellence in the Floral Art.



International Florist Organisation ‘Florint’ is an umbrella organisation: we organize and politically represent the national florist associations of 20+ European countries – our members. We are the recognised representative body of the florist sector towards the European Commission. We lobby on behalf of our member associations; articulate and defend the strategic interests of the floral retail industry, and promote its healthy development.



2013 Bea Beroy and Alex Segura founded 5 Senses, floral services company. Demonstrations, courses and floral collections for businesses and unprofessional.



Life3, Per Max and friends

The new concept and future path for Life3.

Per and Max will work together with different designers on individual projects and in new constellations with a focus on inspiration for the future of our craft and industry. They will broaden the Life3 brand into an inspirational and inventive melting pot of designers for the best flowers and floral design.

Life3 all started when they met at the Interflora World Cup in 2002 as fellow competitors. They then had a vision of forging a collaborative working team – something new at the time. They have produced a series of inspirational and step-by-step books. They have also conducted demonstrations, workshops, event decorations and classes all around the world. Over the years they have contributed much to the wellbeing of the floral industry – showing that together, much can be achieved.

Per and Max have always shared each other’s opinion on the importance of a transparent, ever-changing and developing development of the craft and profession. They also truly enjoy working with all the different educational systems and organisations around the globe. Welcome to challenging them with new projects