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Flower designer:

Carles J. Fontanillas


Carles was born into flowers. In 1925 his family began a florist's. He is the third generation of florists in his family continuing the story of “Can Fontanillas”.He began his journey in floral design at 17 when he trained at the Catalan schools of Floral Art. Since then he has trained at seminars with internationally renowned teachers.

He himself has also taught at workshops, seminars and demonstrations in Greece, Rumania, France, England, Holland, Scotland, Germany, Uruguay, China, Russia, Belgium, the United States, Spain and Catalonia. Nowadays he owns two florists, where he works on all sorts of floral decorations.

Carles is the founder, ideologist and promoter of FLOOS project (2015) and is one of the 'Master Florist' who publishes his designs in books The Crafter's Secrett. vol 01 (2016) and The Crafter's Secret. vol 02 (2017)

Flower designer:

Brigitte Heinrichs


See my collection at FLOOS

Designing with natural materials is her main idea. So she has constantly supplied the motto "Design with Nature“ in her work.

The master florist lives in Germany and her work takes her across the country and indeed to the rest of the world: she has worked an exhibited in England, Scotland, Poland, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Spain, but also in Russia, China, Dubai, Macau, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia and Pakistan, Australia and New Zealand.

She gained professional experiences by working with Gregor Lersch in Bad Neuenahr (Germany), Gail Jones in Hamilton (New Zealand) and at several national and international presentation and exhibition designs such as „The Presentation of German Flower Design“ at the Floritopia in Korea, commissioned by the German Agricultural Ministry.

Since 2016, she is one of the 'Master Florist' that is part of the FLOOS project and one of the designers who publishes her work in the book The Crafter s Secret. vol 01 (2016)

Flower designer:

Àlex Segura


See my collection at FLOOS

Flowers and design are my passions. I have spent more than two decades working in floral art and over 10 years teaching the discipline.

I have taught courses and seminars in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy and Costa Rica and carried out demonstrations in Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Portugal, France, Holland and Costa Rica. I have also participated in national and international competitions.

For me it is a pleasure to share my passion for flowers through my work as a florist and teacher.

Since 2015, he has been one of the 'Master Florist' that is part of the FLOOS project and one of the designers who published his designs in the book The Crafter's Secret.vol 01 (2016)

Flower designer:

Bea Beroy


See my collection at FLOOS

I love nature, I like working with elements that nature offers us transform with different techniques to get new ideas and work.
My passion is teaching, where I can share my knowledge and experience, and keep learning every day.

After performing agricultural technical engineering studies, I trained at the School of Floral Art of Catalonia where I have been more than 17 years teaching and seven years as head teacher.
I have also taught in different parts of Spain and Portugal and participated in various demonstrations and floral, national and international festivals.
I had my own flower shop in Mataró for 16 years.
Coauthor of Barcelona Architecture Floral.

Actually, co-owner of "5sentits" linked to the world of flowers making demonstrations, courses and floral services.
Since 2015, it is one of the 'Master Florist' that is part of the FLOOS project and one of the designers who published her works in the book The Crafter s Secret. vol 01 (2016)

Flower designer:

Natalia Zhizhko


See my collection at FLOOS

Natalia Zizko is the current holder of the title European Floristry Champion a well deserved honour for such a talented florist. Although Natalia is based in Russia she was born and brought up in Estonia and she now works all over the world teaching and demonstrating.  

She loves to travel and it is through her travels that she finds inspiration for much of her work.

Since 2015, she is one of the 'Master Florist' that is part of the FLOOS project and one of the designers who publishes her designs in the book The Crafter's Secret. vol 01 (2016)

Flower designer:

Daniel Santamaria


Floral handicraft is my great passion, a way of life with a high emotional content. I express feelings and sensations, I communicate through floral materials. I was born to be florist!

A floral space For me, a floral space is where floral handicraft can be found in its most innovative and inspirational state.

Creativity does not mean improvisation without method.

The combination and fusion between shapes and natural materials is my goal, through that fusion I get new ideas and discover a wide range of floral concepts and create new craft possibilities.

The strong contrasts in my homeland, the vast blue sky, the savage nature, the Mediterranean and the architecture of a city like Barcelona, with artists like Antoni Gaudí, Norman Foster, Antonio Tapies, to name but a few, are all elements that unite to form what has been, without doubt, a great inexhaustible manual of inspiration. “Originally consists of returning to the origin, so, the original is the simplicity of the early solutions”. A phrase from Antoni Gaudí, who I always have in mind and who helps me find ways to evolve the profession of floral handicraft.

Sources of inspiration help me in my evolution as a commercial and artistic florist. Discovering and understanding different cultures and the history of art are two very inspirational paths in my personal evolution.

Since 2015, he is one of the 'Master Florist' that is part of the FLOOS project and one of the designers who publishes his works in the book The Crafter's Secret. vol. 01 (2016)

Flower designer:

Joseph Massie


See my collection at FLOOS

Frequently referred to by the media as ‘the floral artist of his generation’, Joseph Massie (27) is widely regarded as one of Europe’s top botanical artists.

 Aged just fourteen, Joseph desperately wanted a weekend job, and after successfully applying to the local flower stall, he began working spending his weekends working in his hometown of Liverpool, UK. Perhaps to some it was an uncommon interest for a fourteen year old boy, but Joseph quickly found his vocation amongst the buckets of blossoms and buds.

 Taking steps to pursue his passion, Joseph self funded his education and began to hone his practice and develop a creative ethos, participating in intense training sessions with top international designers and artists. To further build his artistic vocabulary, Joseph began to participate firstly in regional, followed by national, floral design competitions, and aged nineteen, won his first national design competition, the BFA Young Florist of the Year 2007.
Following his national title victory, Joseph took his first steps onto the world stage at Eurofleurs (Belgium, Brussels, ‘08). European success was followed in quick succession by competing at the highly regarded 40th WorldSkills Competition (Calgary, Canada, ‘09) where he became the first and only UK Competitor to ever take home a Bronze Medal, (ranked 3rd Worldwide) in Floristry. Joseph completed his extraordinary international run by finishing Silver Medal (ranked 2nd in Europe) at Eurofleurs, the European Youth Championships (Manchester, UK) in 2010.

Whilst experiencing humbling international success, his achievements were proudly echoed on home soil, winning seventeen national & international competitions and awards, including five consecutive RHS Gold Medals – and four Best in Show awards – at the world renown RHS Chelsea Flower Show (‘09/’10/’11/’12/’13). Joseph is the youngest person ever to achieve this feat.

 With a clutch of prestigious awards, Joseph turned his attentions to artistic endeavours working across ten countries, on a wide variety of art projects including botanical couture, sculptures and installations. Joseph’s work has since been featured in many print articles and interviews including The Times, The Independent, The Daily Mail and his work commissioned by international brands including SKY and Universal Studios.

 In January 2013 Joseph returned to his hometown to found his own studio with a focus on the artistic and innovative expression of botanical materials.

Since 2015, he is one of the 'Master Florist' that is part of the FLOOS project and one of the designers who publishes his work in the book The Crafter's Secret. vol. 01 (2016)

Flower designer:

Berit Skjøttgaard


See my collection at FLOOS

Born 16.04.65           DENMARK
 I´m from a creative family and have been surrounded by creativity my whole life.
 After high school I wanted to be an architect and waiting to start at the school, I was working in a big beautiful flower shop.

 It was very soon clear, that I had potential– and the owners kept asking me if I wanted to be a florist and start training in in their shop. And so I started, a bit of coincidence. I´m sure I would have been an okay architect – but I know that being a florist is the right choice for me, and I have never regretted the way of life.

 Since I have been a florist, I have tried working in a lot of different ways, styles etc – and for the moment I think it is a lot of fun working with movements, especially in huge arrangements because it challenges me a lot and satisfies my playful self and my need to explore and learn. I like working with all the different techniques – different techniques for each arrangements, and I love having all the knowledge to work differently.

 I´m a Danish Champion and International Champion, love to compete. I don´t take any notice of what other florists expect of me in the competition, I simply love the challenge, working under stress, striving for the best result that day in that arrangement, it is so much fun. Especially in competition, having the idea, drawing it, thinking of a technique, colour, proportions, materials and in the end, to see the final arrangement – did the idea in my head work out, did I succeed and so on. I love the mood at competitions, we are all so focused but still very good friends and colleagues.

 I travel a lot teaching, doing shows, workshops or demonstrations, and I like Scandinavian floristry the most. I find excellent florists in every country who I admire, but I always turn back to the simplicity in our style. We work with a lot of respect for each flower and material we use in an arrangement, show it at its best always.

 My floristry is natural, full of harmony, joyful, respectful, living, simple, using a lot of all the material we have just outside the door. Working with materials from the beginning to the end, and using the whole material, from the root to the top.

 I have my own company – called ‘flower and design’, where I offer private people, companies and colleagues/florists all we do in our work, bridal bouquets, weddings, events, classes, demonstrations, workshops, shows etc.


  • Gold – Danish Region Championship 2012
  • Gold – Danish Champion 2012
  • Gold – International Master Championship 2013
  • Silver – Danish Championship 2014
  • Silver – Huis Ten Bosch Flower and Garden Show, Nagasaki – Japan 2015

Since 2015, it is one of the 'Master Florist' that is part of the FLOOS project and one of the designers who publishes her works in the book The Crafter's Secret. vol 01 (2016)

Flower designer:

Stijn Simaeys


Freelance florist. I feel driven and my ambition is to do engage in more floristry activities abroad.
I have already done some jobs in countries like Netherlands, Poland, Germany, England, China and Croatia Participating in various competitions remains a big challenge and also an ideal way to share ideas with several industry colleagues.

As a freelance floral designer, I have already worked actively at nearly 50 stores (eg. Tom houwer-ambrosia/beerse, ivan poelman / melle, the big tom / Antwerp.

I do Demonstrations and also decorations for wholesale (spot or at fairs) oa.agora, alflora, Lerouge et vert (Belgium) and Hogewoning (Netherlands)

Flower designer:

Francesc Porres

Professor at Escola d’Art Floral i Paisatgisme de Barcelona 
International floral demonstrations/workshops as professor (Spain, Germany, Andorra, Mexico, Malaysia, Vietnam, Portugal) 
First Florist at 'Floristik Projekt' with Daniel Santamaría and Britta Ohlrogge (www.floristik-projekt.de) 
Manager of 'Creative Espai Floral' (Sant Jaume d'Enveja)
Management and Organization of 'Fusión Nupcial Pasarel·la de núvies', Deltebre (Tarragona) 
Organization of Oficial Floristry Workshop (Alicante, branch office at Escola d’Art Floral i Paisatgisme de Barcelona)
Participant of the floral demonstration (International Floral Professors Show) at the IPM 2016 fair (Essen) 

Studies at Perito Agrícola, specialized in Horticulture and Gardening
Agricultural Engineer, Lérida (2 years) 
High Grade Studies of Floral Design at Escola d’ Art Floral i Disseny de Catalunya, Barcelona 
Oficial Florist at Escola d’ Art Floral i Disseny de Catalunya, Barcelona
Workshops and Courses (Gregor Lersch, Per Benjamin, Ely Lin, Daniel Santamaría, Britta Ohlrogge, etc.)

Since 2016, he has been one of the 'Master Florist' that is part of the FLOOS project and one of the designers who published his works in the book The Crafter's Secret. vol 02 (2017)

Flower designer:

Timo Bolte


Even when I was just a kid, I was fascinated by plants. It started with plants in my own garden and helping out in my friend´s nursery, and finally ended up as an apprentice with Gregor Lersch. I worked together with Gregor Lersch for many years. But there´s a lot more I wanted to know about plants, every detail about them, and so I did my citizen´s service in the Botanical Gardens oft he University of Tübingen. And one thing led to another.... Living with plants got more and more intense and my understanding of plants grew ever deeper. After my citizen´s service i gave professional demonstrations on a freelance basis, among things as public relations for Taiwan Orchid Growers Association. The urge to explore the unknown drove me to set off for the Far East. I had the good fortune to familiarise myself with Asian plant traditions and Asian plant culture as Senior Designer with Hibiya Kadan Floral Design in Tokyo. After that, I set off spend a little time in Paris, to acclimatise myself once more in Europe. At the moment I am an active member of a leading events organiser in Vienna. During this I have been the leading florist oft he Ritz Carlton Vienna for four years. In addition, I also undertake photo projects, events and classes broad like Taiwan, Russia and all over Europe.

Seminars and demonstrations in Europe, Russia, Taiwan and in Japan, booth decoration at IPM. Projects and stage performances at Fleuramour 2014 Alden Biezen.

Since 2016 Timo is one of the 'Master Florist' FLOOS project.

Flower designer:

Mark Pampling


Mark’s interest in floral material and craftsmanship originated in his home town of Toowoomba, long known as Australia’s Garden City and famous for its annual Carnival of Flowers. He began introductory floral art and floristry education there, studies that led to a continuing thirst to expand his knowledge and skills in floral design – a passion that seems to know no end.

Mark has been awarded Australia’s top floristry prize, the Interflora ‘Australia Cup’, on multiple occasions, and has been highly placed in a number of international competitions and exhibitions,including a 3rd placing at the Interflora World Cup in 2004 when he represented Australia.

Education, business and advisory roles make up Mark’s extensive resume. He is co-owner of Alstonville Florist in northern New South Wales, a TAFE teacher, demonstrator, accredited floristry Judge and industry consultant – roles that have required his presence all around Australia and most recently to Singapore, Germany, Belgium, Scotland, England, Taiwan and China.

Mark is also a regular contributor to international floral design publications, most notably to the pages of Fusion Flowers Magazine.

Since 2016 Mark is one of the 'Master Florist' that is part of the FLOOS project and his designs have been published in The Crafter's Secret Vol.02 (2017)

Flower designer:

Dominique Ostheeren

See my collection at FLOOS


  • 2006 general qualification for university entrance
  • 2006-2008 apprenticeship to floral designer “Justus-von-Liebig- Schule” Hannover
  • 2011 national competence proof of pest management
  • 2012 final examination to Master of floral design at “German flower design school” by Peter Assmann
  • 2012 ordinance on aptitude of instructors

  • German, English, Russian, French

  • 2008-2012 employee at “Blumen Rhode”
  • Since 2013 self-employed with focus in wedding floristry
  • 2012 Assistance for the Christmas demo at “Blumengroßmarkt Nordbayern” in Rednitzhembach with Petra Konrad, Björn Kroner, Britta Schäfer
  • 2013 Assistance for the Christmas demo at “Burger Pflanzen” in Zeil am Main with Stein Are Hanssen - Wedding demonstration with Petra Konrad at FleuraMetz Rostock
  • 2013-2016 Several apprentice workshops to prepare the final examination
  • 2015-2016 Exhibition booth decoration
  • June 2015 Personal assistance for the stage demonstration of Stein Are Hanssen and Elly Lin at Fleurop Interflora Worldcup
  • August 2015 Participation at federal state championship of floral design in Sachsen-Anhalt 2nd place
  • September-October 2015 Assistance for several stage demonstrations in Aschheim, Stuttgart and Deißlingen with Marcel Schulz, Petra Konrad, Nicolaus Peters and Laurence Hanauer

  •  High level floristry
  •  Seminars
  •  Workshops
  •  Demos
  •  Exhibition booth decoration

  • Dominique Ostheeren
  • Mariendorfer Weg 40B; 12051 Berlin
  • +491735983122
  • donaufuerstin@gmail.com
  • Nationality German
  • Date of birth 20.06.1987

Flower designer:

Jürgen Herold


Blumenhaus Kiefer 1999-2001

Former employers: 
Floristik Gregor Lersch 2004-2006
Blumen Koch Berlin 2006-2009

Self employed:
Founding of my own Company 'Hand werk floraldesign' in 2009

Worked in: 
Taiwan, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Poland, Belgium, Ecuador, Russia, Kazajstan and, of course, in Germany

Flower designer:

Přemysl Hytych


Přemysl Hytych was born in a small Czech village Měnín and has been professionally interested in floristry since mid-nineties when he started to build up his career to become the top florist he is today. He has always been fascinated by the creative force of nature, its diversity, shapes and colours. His artwork is affected by his birthplace and country. He uses structure, nature, variety of plants and individual elements of the region into his works.

Přemysl’s artwork is an expression of purity, which he achieves with perfectly balanced compositions, deep sense of detail and variety of colours and materials. As Přemysl draws from his train of thoughts, his works are characterized by considerable originality. Přemysl provokes with this originality and that is one of the reasons he is acclaimed internationally. His floristic artworks were awarded prizes in many national and international competitions.

Since 2016, he is one of the 'Master Florist' that is part of the FLOOS project and one of the designers who published his work in the book The Crafter's Secret. Vol 02 (2017)

Flower designer:

Nicu Bocancea


Nicu Bocancea was born in 1977.
“The House of IRIS Flower Shops” was founded by Nicu Bocancea’s father, Adrian Avramita, in 1970, as a family business. Passionate and in love with flowers, the founders Lidia and Adrian Avramita and their two sons have shared this happiness with the world, by creating a way of life. “IRIS” as a brand appeared 20 years later, in 1990. The parents are now very content, seeing their two sons, Nicu and Cosmin, combining the artistic and commercial purpose of their work with international recognition.

More than 100 beautiful and talented people work now for IRIS, in 11 shops in Bucharest, one flower workshop and in the online shop platform.

As a person driven by his passion for floral design, Nicu Bocancea completed his story by perfecting his art with the most prestigious florists in the world. His efforts are attested by achieving first place at numerous floristic competitions.

Since 2016, Nicu is part of the project FLOOS an he's one of the floral designers that publishes his work in the book Floos, a Crafter's Secret Vol 02 (2017)

Flower designer:

Pirjo Koppi


Pirjo Koppi (Born. 1975) is a passionate spokesperson for floristry. She has also done quite a bit in the world of floristry. Pirjo graduated as a florist in 1995 and took her Master Florist Exam in 2000. She has also studied floristry at flornet Education (9 modules) throughout Europe. In 2005 she became a teacher in floristry for the Finnish Florists’ Association, and in 2013 she took the new FLORINT National judge and assessor in floristry certificate.
Her first floral demonstration was held over 23 years ago; since then she has dmonstrated and held workshops in Finland and other countries around the world including Belgium, Estonia, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Singapore, Spain and Sweden.
Pirjo’s first competition was in 1996 and today she has participated in more than 55 such events. Pirjo has achieved numerous first places, as well other top rankings such as third places in both the World Cup 2015 and the Europa Cup 2016.
Pirjo promotes the joys of floristry by actively organizing all kinds of floristry events with other likeminded people. In 2015 she became a Floral Fundamentals ambassador.
She has also been actively involved in various organisations, including being the president of the Finnish Florists’ Association’s Helsinki District between 2011 and 2015.
Her floral designs are published in several publications. Her first book ”Beautification With Floral Jewellery” was published in 2014.
Since 2016 Pirjo is part of the FLOOS project and is one of the floral designers who publishes his works in Floos, a Crafter's Sectret (2017)

Flower designer:

Per Benjamin


Flowers have always taken an important place in the life of Per, and today one can even say they have become his life.
To have one’s passion and main interest as a full time job is a privilege.
His driving force in life and career is the sheer fun and happiness he finds in working with flowers and people.

Today he work out of his own company, “Benjamin’s Botaniska” (Benjamin’s Botanicals), “Floristisk Coaching” his educational company and Life3 together with Max van de Sluis.

His work includes demonstrations, workshops, seminars, school teaching, judging, shop makeovers, economy and sales knowledge, team and leaderships courses, shop coaching, bigger events and party decorations and the occasional day in a flower shop. He has, over the last 15 years since his World Cup victory, had the opportunity to work all around the world in over 80 countries.

All of this started with his interest in flowers and gardening as a child and at the age of 16 his luck in finding a flower shop to work in for holidays and weekends. This lead the way to a growing interest, learning over the years, a full time job and eventually his Craftsmanship diploma with a silver medal in 1994.

Teaching of all kinds is his biggest passion. A period as a full time teacher at a floral college in Stockholm awoke the urge to inspire and educate others, pass on his passion for floristry, provide them with the necessary knowledge and then see how they translate it into their own ideas, growing as designers.

He has co-published with Life3 and been published in over 20 books. They have been books both educational as in popular sold-out step-by-step series with Life3 and purely inspirational as in the Emotions series. His first book for for Life3 was his own “Elements” book that showed the world what Scandinavian design is all about. Per has since then over the years grown his reputation as a master of colour use. He has created his own colour system that is a true eye opener for many designers.

He says he is whom he is as a designer today because of his unstoppable curiosity, for flowers, design and people.

Since 2017 Per is one of the 'Master Florist' of FLOOS. 

Flower designer:

Max Van de Sluis


Flowers and I are one. I can't imagine life without flowers. I grew up amongst flowers and nature, always knowing that they would be my future. Very early in my childhood I started making small bouquets from the broken and leftover flowers from my father's nursery and my mother's flower shop. I spent a lot of my time during that period in there and greatly enjoyed it .

Logic. So later on it was the logical choice for me to study flower design. During that period I needed some experience from experienced florists and worked in Holland and Belgium with 2 great florists, from whom I learned not only my classic but also old and new techniques. It was the best foundation you could get in flower design.

Dreams. I followed my inner feelings and dreams and after my second place in the Eurocup in Linz, I got the chance to go abroad to demonstrate and teach. I loved it and still do because it gives me the chance to travel around the world and share my ideas and views on flower design. I've met many amazing people, everywhere with the same interests making life rich and wonderful. Thanks for that

Since 2017 he is 'Master Florist' of the FLOOS project

Flower designer:

Britta Ohlrogge


When chance becomes passion.

For Britta Ohlrogge, it all began with a summer job in a florist. There, she got to know people that opened her eyes to a completely new world. She also discovered materials, techniques and the infinite expressions for describing the creation, preparation and their effects. Since then, she hasn’t stopped delving into and being fascinated by people, culture, art and history.

Following her thirst for discovery, she decided to get a degree as a florist in Hamburg. Then she worked for three years in Bad Neuenahr, where she broadened her knowledge as well as building her confidence in the decorating process.

Curiosity, restlessness to know more, talent and ambition are what drive her. After achieving success at several world championships, she dedicated herself to teaching and coaching at workshops in Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, Italy, Taiwan, The People’s Republic of China, Switzerland, Spain, Denmark and Belgium.

As director and owner of “Floristik Projekt” she has become a part of different international projects. The promotion of technical knowledge and also research into the stages in the development are fundamental parts of her creations.

Unquestionably North German, she finds her inspiration in the impressive contrasts in nature of her native land and all the other things she has been lucky enough to experience.

Since 2017 she is 'Master Florist' of the FLOOS project

Flower designer:

Jordi Abelló

A florist since 1986, having done his training at l’escola d’art floral de Catalunya.

Interior designer since 1981, at Pau Gargallo, Badalona.

Jordi is the master of masters. With more than 30 years’ experience, he had trained a large majority of Spain's florists. So, that means he has a good overall view of the floral state of Spain.

Teacher since 1986 of:

L’escola d'art floral
Window dressing
Artistic and technical drawing
Technological tools
Visual merchandising
Assessor of the aesthetic
Purchasing in the sector

Flower designer:

Frédéric Dupré

Frédéric started studying landscape gardening and horticulture before branching out into floristry. Four years of study lead to a bachelor’s degree and the insight that he was attracted to floral design and the noble art of floristry. After the necessary training and successfully passing the exams, everything changed very quickly for this talented young man.

His record of achievements is pretty impressive, considering the strong competition in France and his young age: in 2003, he received the title of Best Apprentice France (MAF), three years after that, he was second in the French Championship and in 2007, he received the silver in the French Young Talent Interflora Championship. In 2011, the quality of his work and exceptional craftsmanship was recognized when he earned the prestigious title Best Craftsman in France (MOF).

Characterised as technician, his work is often very architectural with a mastery of textures. Frédéric is a professional international teacher and gives demonstrations and workshops in France and abroad. He is a passionate teacher and continues to pass on that passion, as well as his knowledge.

He is also a trendsetting florist for many national and international magazines and is often asked to design large stages for shows and special floral events, such as the “Floralies”.

Besides floral design, his heart belongs to botany and landscaping. In 2015, Frédéric represented France at the World Cup in Berlin. In 2015, his first book, ‘Constructed Bouquets’, was published.

Since 2017 he is one of the 'Master Florist' that is part of the FLOOS project.

Flower designer:

Alex Choi


I can always cuddle up with a lot of people.

Over time, you can experience old fashioned.

Like everybody who likes to be friendly, he always likes to find himself.

I wanted to create a relaxing space as our nature and as our flowers did.

The art of flower arranging, as the universal language of arts and flowers, has the power to make indefinable feelings more explicit and is also, therefore, a barometer of our time.

I look at my future in a positive way. People tend to ostracize themselves in nature; their simplicity and innocence. For us, that part is manure, and it is essential. People need to look for the beauty and peace they have prepared and need to return to. The beauty of beauty and creativity and the good representation of our rich lives should be observed in the same context.

Flower designer:

Iza Tkaczyk

In 2015, I graduated from Akademia Marioli Miklaszewskiej at the level of master florist and so my adventure as a florist began. I run workshops, take part in exhibitions and contests. I am an ambassador for Floral Fundamentals and I cooperate with Fusion Flowers.

For the last few years, I have lived in the country. Nature constantly inspires and amazes me. I stroll in the same meadows and in the same forests and yet I always discover something new. Then I combine these "small discoveries" with impressions from my numerous journeys. The character of my pieces is certainly influenced by the fact that I also graduated from The Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. I like playing with colour and form, as well as using contrast. But the most fun is in looking for balance in a composition. I am one happy florist with a great urge to create. :)

Flower designer:

Miguel Ángel Delgado

Miguel Ángel Delgado is passionate about floral design, visual arts, fashion, architecture and cooking. We can say that this Canary Islander has done them all. Here is a summary of his journey so far. "At the beginning of career, I worked in catering, specifically in cooking. I did that for seventeen years, during which I worked at different hotels and restaurants, in different categories. I took advantage of that time to train in other disciplines, like fashion design, and then I began to learn floral art, a discipline or profession I’ve worked in ever since.

In 2006, I began to work as an official florist at Fontanillas together with Carles Jubany Fontanillas. The following year, I finished my studies as a visual arts and floral art technician (specialist) at the Escola d'Art Floral de Catalunya. I then started studying visual arts and ephemeral architectural design at the Deià Escuela de Arte y Superior de Diseño.

Since 2008 I’ve worked freelance for different florists in Barcelona and outside Catalonia (among them Floristeria Accions (Barcelona), Floristeria Fontanillas (Sant Celoni), Floristería Lloveras (Barcelona) and Antonio Rivera Diseño Floral (Huelva).

I also do workshops and dedicated studies in event decoration as well as stage decoration (lighting, scenery, furniture, etc.). I’ve worked with Toni Seguí Barcelona (as coordinator to a group of florists), Atmósfera (Barcelona), Tavola, Bouquet (Barcelona) and Floristik Projet with Britta Ohlrogge and Daniel Santa María (Hamburgo) .

I combine my freelance work with teaching at the Escola de Art Floral de Catalunya".

Flower designer:

Rudy Casati


Rudy Casati comes from a family linked to the cultivation of flowers and plants and who has its own florist’s.

He finished his Agricultural Technician studies in 1979 and trained as a biologist until 1986.

During 1999 and 2000, he trained at the Federfiori floral art school and graduated as a 'Federfiori European Florist'. He has continued training internationally until today with recognised masters such as Wim Hazelaar, Tor Gundersen, Ben Zion Gil, O. Sloltz, Gregor Lersch and Mario Sortino.

He has also worked as Art Director at the:

  • Pope's world family meeting decoration - Milan
  • Venaria International Flower Festival - Turin
  • Alden Biesen - Belgium
  • My plant International exhibition - Milan

He currently runs his own family business and realises training and demonstrations around the world.